“This is the Lord’s table: it is open to all who love Jesus.” You will hear those, or similar, words spoken at services of Communion in many churches now, and Tranent Parish Church is one of them. This is the great invitation that is offered to everyone. Isn’t it a relief to know that you don’t need to be perfect or pious or even on the membership roll of the church to participate in Communion? You just have to want to be in the company of Jesus, like those first disciples who shared the Last Supper with their Lord in the upper room in Jerusalem over 2,000 years ago.

The Communion tokens from two centuries ago are an interesting piece of history. They were also a reminder of the times when the Elders of the Kirk Session could - and did! - decide who would be given a token and was thus allowed to take part…. and who was excluded.

That was then… this is now: thankfully, no one needs any cards, tokens or pieces of paper. If you have some understanding of the significance of what you are about to participate in, and you have in your heart a desire to accept Jesus, then you have a place at the table.

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In Tranent Parish Church, we now celebrate Communion as a family, all ages together. The children have been taught in church, in J-Club, and at Messy Church what Holy Communion is about and they participate with a sense of excitement and respect.

It’s not the sombre occasion that it used to be in times gone by (and maybe still is in some churches!). We don’t all wear black, nobody processes up the aisle: rather, it’s a celebration of what Christ has done for us! There’s joyful singing and bright colours and laughter…as well as some quiet moments for reflection as we remember Jesus and the many believers who are now part of that great Communion of Saints. It’s such a special experience to share the bread and wine, knowing that in some deep way we share it with Christ Himself, with those who have gone before us into Heaven and with our brothers & sisters all over the world who are taking Communion at the same moment. Amazing!

So if you’ve thought about coming to a Communion service but are hesitant, for whatever reason, please put your doubts aside and join us.

Here are the words our Minister, Erica, said at the recent Advent Communion: “This is the table, not of the church, but of the Lord. It is for those who love Him and who want to love Him more. So come, you who have much faith and you who have little; you who have been here often and you who haven’t been for a long time; you who have tried to follow Him and you who have failed. Come, not because it is I who invite you; It is our Lord who invites you. It is His will that those who want to be his friends should meet Him here.”

Will you come and meet Him? Our next Communion services will be on the following Sundays at 11am:

  • 1st Sunday in March
  • 2nd Sunday in June
  • 1st Sunday in September
  • 1st Sunday in December.