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One of the most important things a Christian can do is pray.

It doesn't have to be something that is complicated and difficult and it is something we can do anywhere at any time.

We have a prayer request box in the Gathering Area in the church building and our prayer group usually meets at 8am on Saturday mornings there.  Anyone is welcome to come along.

We also have an online Zoom prayer meeting, usually on the last Wednesday evening of each month at 7.30pm.

If you have any prayer requests or would like more information about our prayer groups, simply send an email to

Prayer Bulletin – March 2024                         Download

1st This evening our Church hosts the World Day of Prayer at 7.00pm. This year the

materials have been prepared by Christian women in Palestine and we pray again for

peace in Israel and Gaza.

2nd This morning our weekly Prayer Meeting is held. May all those who are able to come

along enjoy fellowship as we lift to our amazing Lord our concerns, requests and gratitude.

Give thanks that God hears all our prayers and answers them according to His wisdom

and timing. Pray that we will all continue to use the blessing of prayer wisely.

3rd This morning we meet to praise our living Heavenly Father and to worship His

greatness and power. Please pray that God will help Katherine as she leads our

service and that all who attend will grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus.

Today we celebrate communion and Christ’s victory over the grave. May we all think

deeply of the sacrifice of Jesus as we share in the bread and wine.

4th The various church teams meet this week to consider the main areas of activity in our

church. We ask for divine wisdom, understanding and unity as the teams gather to discuss

important elements of our church’s activities.

Give thanks for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution which was founded 200 years ago

today. We give thanks for all who serve, and who have served in the past, to the sea-

faring community. Pray for the continuing safety of the volunteers who risk their lives to

save others.

5th Open House opens its doors this morning. Please pray for all those involved as they

serve the congregation and the wider community. Pray that the love of Jesus might be

very evident at the meeting and may all leave with a sense of God’s love for them. Pray

for a chance to open eyes to the light, wisdom and compassion of the Gospel, the reason

we do all things.

6th The Pool Group meets this morning and give thanks for those who organise this time

to socialise and enjoy friendly competition.

The Lent Bible Study continues this evening and may the discussions inspired by Andrew

Roberts’s book help with our reflections as we prepare for Easter.

7th Give thanks for all the Scripture Union groups in our area. Please pray that through

their efforts pupils and teachers in these schools will see the love of Jesus. May our local

SU worker, Derek Harley, feel the Holy Spirit leading him as he works with many faithful

servants to spread the Word of God to youngsters in our region.

8th Today a service is held at Tranent Care Home and we pray the residents and staff of

this home will be spoken to through what is said and sung this afternoon.

We give thanks for the work of CrossReach and in particular at Eskmills which provides

supported accommodation for adults with learning disabilities in Musselburgh and

Portobello. May God bless the hard-working team with protection and well-being as they

support those who use the service.

9th The Prayer Meeting convenes this morning. May all in attendance enjoy their time with

our Heavenly Father. Give thanks for the team who make this possible.

Our monthly litter pick takes place this morning and we give thanks for those who show

our care for our community by clearing the mess made by others.

Tranent Parish Church

Prayer Bulletin – March 2024

Our first Games Evening will be hosted in our church hall this evening. We pray for

inclusive fun for all who attend.

10th Please ask that God will guide Katherine as she leads our morning service

today. Also give thanks for all those who make our Sunday morning services

possible. Thank our loving Father that we can meet this morning for fellowship and

to worship God. Pray that our worship this morning will bring glory to God and

show our appreciation for all God has given us.

Tonight our teenagers meet for their Teenage Gathering and we pray that it will help

them to recognise the importance of faith in Jesus in their lives.

11th Ask God to encourage those who seek to establish a fair and just peace in the Middle

East. Bless their efforts as they work to end conflict. Lead those who engage in violence

to put down their weapons and to live in peace with one another.

12th Open House is held again this morning with food and drink available to all who want

to come into our church hall. May the team who prepare and serve know God is with them

in all they do.

The Guild meet today and will watch a film. Let us pray for much enjoyment for all present.

13th The Lent Bible Study continues this evening and we ask for it to be uplifting and

encouraging to all who go along.

Pray for the staff and patients of Tranent Medical Centre, asking that there be enough time

and resources for all who need help to be treated and healed.

14th The season of Lent often creates opportunities for Christians to speak to friends,

family and colleagues about Easter and Christianity. Pray that many such opportunities

will arise for you and you will be bold in using them to explain your faith and what Easter

means to you.

15th Please pray for all those working in Youth Work at our church and in our wider

community, giving thanks that these volunteers sacrificially give their time and energy to

build relationships and engage with young people of all sorts of backgrounds. This work

is often an invisible and unappreciated role but is of immense value to the young people.

16th The new East Lothian Climate Hub has a big event at Queen Margaret University

today from 10.00am to 3.00pm. The Green Futures Festival has a full programme for all

ages including a panel discussion on Faith and Climate Change. We give thanks that our

churches can be involved in this important event.

17th Pray that as many people as possible will be able to attend our morning service

today and that Katherine’s sermon, the Bible readings, songs and prayers will speak

to each of us. Give thanks for all those who volunteer to make our services possible

and may they know joy as they serve our Lord in this way. Pray that we as a

congregation will be able to share Christ’s love with all visitors to our church who

come to worship God or seeking help. Outdoor Church resumes in Polson Park

this afternoon and we give thanks to God for the wonders of His creation.

18th Give thanks for God’s work through the East Lothian Foodbank which relies upon the

generous support of the many who have donated food to help those in crisis. The

Tranent Parish Church

Prayer Bulletin – March 2024

congregation of our church can donate items at any time so please pray that we will

continue to be generous in supporting the foodbank.

19th Open House meet again today and please pray as you feel led on this important

weekly meeting.

Please pray for the elders in the Kirk Session as they meet tonight. Give thanks for their

faith, commitment and wisdom. May they all be filled afresh with the Holy Spirit and know

they are loved by God and by the whole congregation. Also may they feel the Holy Spirit’s

presence in all their meetings and be led by it to make the right decisions for our church.

20th The Lent Bible Study meeting continues this evening and we pray all who take part

will grow in their faith as they consider God’s Word.

Please pray for strength and perseverance for all our brothers and sisters in Christ who

experience persecution, opposition and difficulties because of their faith in Jesus Christ.

Pray that God will, in His perfect timing, take away the suffering of these people and that

He will provide wisdom and resources to the organisations that support persecuted


21st Please give thanks for all those who are giving their time and talents to help with

Easter Holiday Clubs in our region. May the teams grow together and people be praying

to see if God is calling them to be part of such teams. Pray for all the children who will

come, that God will already be speaking to the hearts of those children and their families.

Finally pray that all the organisational work will go smoothly.

22nd Please pray that God will continue to provide resources to those who have a passion

to see more people reading God’s Holy Word. Give thanks to God for the organisations,

such as Wycliffe Bible Translators and Biblica, which translate the Bible into other

languages so people can read it in their own language. Also ask that God will speak into

the hearts and minds of the people who receive the translated Scriptures and they will be


23rd The Fraser Centre have organised The Wee Green Festival from 12noon to 3.00pm

with lots of eco-activities. Tranent Parish Church will be offering a Prayer Tree and Eco

Storytelling. We give thanks for all the Fraser Centre provides to our community.

This morning our Prayer Group meets again. May all who attend be filled with joy and

leave their concerns at the foot of the Cross.

24th Ask that Katherine’s sermon will speak to all who attend and change us. Give

thanks to God for bringing Katherine to Tranent and may she feel blessed by being

part of our church. May Katherine know God leading her as she leads our worship.

Please give thanks for those who run our Teenage Gathering asking that they will

show the love of Jesus to all of the teenagers who attend. Give thanks to God for

the teenagers that regularly attend our church. Please pray that He will enable our

congregation to continually find ways to use our gifts and talents to bless them and

show the love of Jesus.

25th Pray for all who attend Open House this morning to enjoy their time together.

We remember in prayer this week Chalmers Memorial Church which serves in Cockenzie

& Port Seton, asking for blessings for the Leadership, Kirk Session and all involved in the

Tranent Parish Church

Prayer Bulletin – March 2024

life of this community. We also remember in prayer the ongoing process of bringing

Chalmers Memorial and Cockenzie Old Parish together in Union, requesting that God will

continue to bring a sense of togetherness and shared vision.

26th A speaker from Mid and East Lothian Drugs (MELD), a charity that promotes recovery

for people with drug and alcohol problems, will present to the Guild today. We pray that

MELD will continue to improve the lives of many and for support for the team who work in

this challenging environment.

27th Quite apart from the terrible trauma and loss of life we know that war zones in our

world are hugely contributing to climate crisis and are massively destructive of the natural

world. Pray for peace - that energy and industry could be harnessed for good purposes.

We pray for all the people in Ukraine after more than two years of war.

28th Today term ends for many schools. Ask for God to restore the energy of His people

and for good times together for families where they can draw closer to God. Pray for the

young people in Tranent who find it hard to go to school, asking that they receive the help

they need. Pray that the adults who care for them have wisdom and patience.

29th This Good Friday let us all consider the massive sacrifice that Jesus made on

the cross, dying so that all our sins are forgiven. Pray that the Lord’s people will be

challenged, assured and invited by our great Saviour on this day when we

remember the path He took for us to be saved. Katherine will lead worship this

evening and as we mediate on Jesus’s Crucifixion pray that we will understand

afresh the depth of His love for each one of us that took Him to the cross. Please

pray that the service will go well.

30th Pray that all in our church who have young children will bring them up to know Jesus

as their Lord and Saviour. May they all feel energised to serve in our church, in local

schools and in our local community to reach many youngsters.

31st He is risen, He is risen indeed! Let us rejoice that Jesus conquered death and

rose from the grave, giving us the promise of eternal life. Praise God for this and

all the great things He has done for you and those dear to you. Pray that today’s

morning worship led by Katherine will be a joyful celebration of Christ’s triumph

over the grave. May all who attend enjoy the time of fellowship and celebrate His

resurrection and the gift of new life.

Tonight Origin’s Resurrection event will be held at the Usher Hall. It is one of the

largest Christian events in Scotland and is a wonderful opportunity for the Church

in south-east Scotland to unite around the resurrection of Jesus and show our unity

as we celebrate the greatest event in history. Pray to God that all the preparations

will go well and it will be a great evening of worship.